About us

Welcome to Agricola International

Agricola International is a leading Egyptian company specialized in Growing, producing, and Exporting wide range of conventional and organic certified dried herbs, spices to all over the world. We have been distinguished by our high quality of herbs and spices which are the outcome of a comprehensive chain procedures applied in cultivation, harvesting, natural drying and processing

?..Why US

Actual organic high safe, quality products
Fulfillment of commitments despite of any expected market fluctuation
Wide range of products
Modern machinery with high production capacity
Trusted Quality
Punctual delivery
Reliable business partnership
100% customer satisfaction guarantee
Excellent customer service
Competitive prices and prompt deliveries
  • Our products comply fully with ISO standards for food safety and quality. Your health and that of those around you is so important. All of our products are lab tested and officially certified to be 100% organic and free of any pesticide residues or heavy metals
  • Not only we use the most suitable methods for growing the herbs, we also have custom made machinery in our factories to dry, crush and clean
  • All products cleaned without stems or any foreign matters and well fumigate as the customer requests
  • Shipment of products takes approximately 10-15 days.


    We aim to impress with the raw materials we process without compromising on quality and service. We want to be nationwide, the alternative in the herbs and spices segment


    Support our customers with high quality products and modern production technology, and show to them our utmost service and flexibility and do our best in order to consent their needs. Quality and Safety of our products are our main forefront of our efforts