About us

Welcome to Agricola International

We work in Trade herbs and spices since 2020 at the local businesses then we starting export in .2022

?..Why US

We utilize "only" organic fertilizer that is safe for humans, animals, and the environment, and that generates healthy soil and health food.
Our products include medicinal herbs & aromatic plants, flavorful spices & bulbs, protein-rich seeds & pulses, and bird & animal feed. Examples of our products are: Hibiscus, Lemon Grass, Fennel Seeds, Anise Seeds, Caraway Seeds, Coriander, Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Peppermint, Spearmint, Sage, Dill, parsley, Thyme, Onion, Garlic, Dry Lemon, Basil and chamomile
  • Our products comply fully with ISO standards for food safety and quality. Your health and that of those around you is so important. All of our products are lab tested and officially certified to be 100% organic and free of any pesticide residues or heavy metals.
  • Not only we use the most suitable methods for growing the herbs, we also have custom made machinery in our factories to dry, crush and clean.
  • All products cleaned without stems or any foreign matters and well fumigate as the customer requests.
  • Shipment of products takes approximately 10-15 days.


    We are a partner who can collaboratively develop and produce innovations with you that are well-developed, attractively priced and high quality, and will help to successfully strengthen your brand. Together we can create compelling competitive advantages


    Besides high quality and competitive price
    we can guarantee maximum degree of service reliability as our integrated system enjoys a worldwide reputation
    for reliability of its measureable order fulfillment process .


    The Agricola international Group specializes in the development of high quality branded products, and is your competent partner for the development and production of certified organic, conventional, gluten free, allergen free, vegetarian and vegan products for soups, sauces and seasonings. As an internationally operating company, we have 10 years of experience in the production and development of high quality foods.


    Agricola international has a well-established position in the global market. We are working actively on a business development plan through developing an entire production facility and a distribution system to convoy with the customer requirements and the global market demand. We choose high quality production and reliable service to be our competitive advantages to maintain our customer satisfaction which is our main goal.